Frequently Asked Question for Arcane Voice Logger.

1. How many telephone lines could I record on single computer system?
You can record up to 300 telephone lines using a single PCI slot of the motherboard on single computer system.

2. How many interactions can be recorded on a computer system?
You can record 27000 minutes on an 80 GB hard disk. Depending on hard disk space you can record more calls on bigger hard disk.

3. I have EPABX system in my office; can I record all the calls from all extensions?
Yes, you can record all incoming and outgoing calls from all extensions of EPABX. You must connect your direct trunk lines parallels to the Arcane Logger

4. I do not have EPABX system; can I record my direct trunk lines?
Yes, you can record your direct trunk lines. You must connect your direct trunk lines parallels to Telephone Recording System.

5. Does the recording play list display all incoming & outgoing numbers?
Yes, recording play list displays all incoming & outgoing numbers. For incoming numbers the trunk lines must have caller id facility on that line. It supports DTMF & FSK caller id format. Missed calls list displays separately.

6. How can I hear the recordings?
You can hear the recordings with your computer speaker/headphone. You can also listen to live calls (call barge-in).

7. How can I connect telephone lines with Telephone Recording System?
The telephone lines connect parallels to Telephone Recording System using RJ-11 phone jack therefore your existing setup would not be changed.

8. Can I convert the recorded conversation in to mp3 or wave format?
Yes, you can convert conversations into .WAV / .MP3 format.

9. Can I access the Arcane via network/internet?
Yes, Arcane is LAN compatible. You can access telephone recording list from network. You can perform live call monitoring (call barge-in) from network PC, too.

10. What are the minimum computer system requirements to install arcane voice logger software?
Minimum computer system requirements for telephone recording are a Dual Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 80 GB Hard disk and an available PCI Slot. You can use higher configuration for more telephone line recording. Arcane supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003 operating system.

11. What is warranty for Arcane?
One year warranty for hardware excluding physically damaged, burnt, bent, tampered or water damaged products.

12. How can I place order for Arcane Voice Logger?
Fill the details of your company in our contact us page and your requirements for how many lines (ports) you need the Voice Logger. We will send you our bank details for deposit payment. After receiving your payment, your products will be dispatched on the provided address.

13. Can I integrate Arcane on standard third party components like TAPI/SAPI/CSTA?
Yes, Arcane has been tested on TAPI/SAPI/CSTA links of third party PBX’s.

14. How to get support?
Please Email at :   


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