• 1

    Versatile connectivity - Analog, Digital, VOIP and Hybrid

  • 2

    Single solution for Heterogeneous environment - Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk

  • 3

    Scalable from
    4-240 ports on single server

  • 4

    Arcane offers advanced features further customizable for demanding situations

  • 5

    Quality Monitoring
    Forms for productivity analysis

  • 6

    Management Dashboards and Alarms over SMS or SNMP


Arcane Overview

The Most Secure, Robust and Resilient
Voice Logging System.

  • A Product been in Market Since 1998.
  • Deployed at Over Seven International Locations.
  • 1000 + Site Ports
  • Trusted by Over 30 Orgnizations Globally
  • Can Be Easily Integrated wIth Multiple CRM's
  • Reliable & User Friendly Support

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