To tackle the increasing security threats, the security agencies need to be equipped with cutting edge technology. Alliance Infotech provides the agencies with a proficient and resourceful voice logger capable of proactively monitoring, recording and archiving the interactions. The recorded interactions come embedded with date, time, duration and other important information in a secure encrypted format. These recordings can be analyzed to recreate the event for the post occurrence evaluation. The Arcane is a multi channel voice logger system that supports the analog, digital, pseudo lines, VoIP, GSM, CDMA and hybrid telephony environments. The recordings can be archived on a wide variety of media including network attached storage, raid systems and many others. The features and capabilities of Arcane prove to be extremely crucial in life threatening situations.

  • User programmable notifications and alerts when events are triggered
  • Redundancy of key components for mission critical recording
  • Analog and digital tapping of wireless, mobiles, pseudo lines, vox and fax interfaces
  • Live call monitoring
  • Significantly reduce reaction time in a state of emergency
  • Effective staff deployment in critical situations
  • Multi-Level security for users and groups for system access control
  • Dedicated filtering engine for quick and responsive search
  • The recorded interactions can be used as evidence in the investigations
  • Highly efficient playback and reporting capabilities
  • Seamless integration with 

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